July 26, 2012

Behind every untrusting girl is a guy who made her that way .

I think about you non-stop , and you're all I talk about . 

When I talk to you I always has that bright smile , and truly looks happy . 

With one hug you make me melt and always leave me with butterflies and at the same time , when I'm upset you're usually the reason . 

But I refuses to see any flaws in you . 

And no matter how many people try to tell me different , I believe you're perfect for me and worth every second of the wait , 

and I'm too scared to tell you any of this because I don't want to mess anything up .

And I don't want to end up hurt . . . 


i wanna have that SMILE again,
juLie </3

July 6, 2012

REAL men fear GOD

If I will met a guy who loves God more than me,

I will marry him

on that day!!!

julie ^__^

May 25, 2012

when LOVE collide

I am willing to give up everything just to try doing that stuff inside an exquisite library. . . 
And the feeling of completeness,
knowing I'm doing that with
MY MAN. <3